If you take a moment to think back to the beginning of your romantic relationship, you probably recall a lot of beautifully bonding moments. When a love affair is brand new, partners want to know everything about the person with whom they’re falling in love. Once a couple has been together awhile, they may settle into a routine that exhibits little if any bonding behavior. In the interest of bettering bonds, we present the following good advice.

Go low-tech

Turn off your cell phones, shut down the TV, and spend face-to-face high quality time with your beloved. Do this every day for at least an hour. Try something new. Shop together and buy a few grocery items you’ve never tried before. Make a meal and enjoy it as a twosome.

Go on a trip together. Break out the maps and plan a roadtrip. Even a weekend away from day to day normalcy can spark a longtime couple to new heights of intimacy, so say relationship experts at Bustle magazine.

Make time to play

Play games together. Whether you participate in a team sport on the same side or square off as tennis opponents, sporting exercise done as a couple can boost feelings of well being and camaraderie. In springtime, go outdoors and fly kites together. In summertime, pack a picnic basket and head to the park for an afternoon meal al fresco.

Relaxing activities can be great couples-bonders, too. Light a few candles, put on your favorite romantic music and dance barefoot around the living room. Work out a complex jigsaw puzzle or do a crossword puzzle together. If you and your partner are wordy types, share a game of Scrabble and invent a personal prize for the winner.

Art is another winner, when it comes to projects that bond couples in a beautiful way. Invest in sketchbooks, and practice drawing each others faces. Get an art app from the Google Play store and illustrate colorful mandalas together. The ancient geometric designs are known to cause serenity and relaxation, and may even do a lot to bond couples who color them together. The mandala coloring book app from Apalon offers plenty of wonderful mandalas and other digital art projects.

Music and magic

If you and your mate have musical talent, sit on the porch and play together. Write songs as a couple or just jam and enjoy renewed feelings of bonded unity. Music can inspire all sorts of good feelings, especially when you and your sweetheart hear the songs that were popular at the time you first fell in love.

Playful activity is good for everyone, notes HelpGuide magazine. They recommend a number of happiness-boosting, playful activities that couples may do together. Visit a magic shop and learn how to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Get a puppy and play with it every day. Bonding with a pet can increase a couple’s feelings of intimacy and shared responsibility. Host a regular game night at your house and invite like-minded couples to join you in table games and snacks.

Whatever you do as a couple, do it with an attitude of joy and gratitude. Not everybody is lucky enough to find someone to be with for the rest of their life.

Sophia Thomas struggles to find time for herself but when she does, she feels like she comes back to life again! She uses writing as one of her ways to unwind and enjoy some ‘me time’.