After a long and tiring day at work, you are probably looking for a companion. Someone who can be fun and is willing to please. Contrary to what many may believe, escorts are nowhere close to the stereotypes that we have seen on TV and movies. Today, an escort can offer something very basic like girlfriend experience (also called GFE in escort lingo), which is all about cuddling, kissing and basic mutual fondling, or they can indulge in PSE or porn star experience, which is more about blowjobs, intercourse, BDSM and related things.

Now while escorts are professionals, you are likely to have a better time when you treat them well. If you become their favorite, it is easy to communicate and enjoy things together. Here are a few tips that will help in becoming an escort’s favorite client.

  1. Don’t be late. That may sound stupid to some, but escorts don’t like clients who are late. Not to forget, you are being charged by the hour, so even if you lose 10 minutes, you are already missing out on a lot. It’s best to inform your escort in advance if you are late for a genuine reason.
  2. Know her. Most escort sites have detailed profiles these days, which help clients in choosing between choices. These profiles also offer information on the escort, like her origins, preferences, age, ethnicity and specializations. Make sure that you her well. Most escorts don’t use real name in this business for obvious reasons, and that’s completely fine.
  3. Know the lingo. There are many websites, where you can find details on escort lingo. Besides GSE and PSE, you will find terms like Greek (which means anal), MSOG (multiple shots on goal), BBBJ (refers to bareback blowjob), and CIM (come in mouth). Escorts may have agreed to a few things when you first discussed things, so stick to that. If you want something more in the heat of the moment, talk and discuss the extra charges in advance.

Finally, don’t be under pressure to impress the escort. That’s her job. If you want her to know a few things, be open about it, share your thoughts and fantasies, and as long as it fits the role or job discussed on phone, they will not refuse the same. Tipping is certainly a way to please your escort, but that’s not always the norm, so if you don’t feel like, you can avoid it.